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How Ethofy boosts your channel marketing

Ethofy offers Inspired Marketing, a cloud-based product suite supported by rich reporting analytics. Three integrated but independently deployable modules ensure you’re covered across the channel marketing spectrum. In a world where you can’t predict when a buyer will visit your own site, Ethofy is your best bet for getting your content delivered to buyers through third party channel partners.

  • Content Syndicator™ - Enables your partners to include your microsites, banners and videos embedded in their websites, blogs or social media. When you change or update the hosted content it automatically changes on all your partners’ sites. You control how they can customize the content.

  • Collateral Customizer™ - Your collateral customizable on demand by your partners – for posting on their websites, including in their social media outreach or printing hard copies. You control whether and how they can customize it.

  • Incentives™ - An ecommerce-based store where your partners buy your logoed and other promotional materials. And, yes, with Incentives even your promotional items can be customizable by partners!

Buyers today consume a majority of sales and marketing content before they even contact a sales rep. They don’t stop there – pass-along of content to other decision makers and influencers within their companies is far more frequent than before.

They get that content increasingly from social media. The most influential content is content forwarded from personal contacts.

Inspired Marketing is designed with this new world in mind. It’s designed to get your content into the hands of your channel partners in a way that is easy for them to engage and easy for you to manage. That way your channel marketing content gets out there – on your partners’ sites and within their social media activities. Having great content on your site is still critically important…it’s just not enough anymore.


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